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The VTRAC Advantage

  • Software capable of a dose setting as low as 50 mJ/cm2
  • Percentage output in therapeutic wavelength region highest of all narrowband and broadband lamps1
  • Small foot print, lightweight, mobile unit adapts easily to office floor space with four locking casters
  • Hand piece calibration with internal power density detector checks output for each treatment
  • Pneumatic foot switch lamp control
  • Easy-to-operate touch screen user interface speeds learning
  • Treatment aids (e.g. aperture reducer, aperture extender and UV filters) for excellent control over shape, size and location of skin surface exposure
  • A system warranty of 12 months
  • A separate hand piece warranty (which includes the Excimer lamp) of 36 months or 300 hours whichever comes first.

1Internal PhotoMedex documents with UVB range defined as 280 – 315 nm by CIE/IEC60825-1 and anti-psoriatic therapeutic region defined by Parrish et al.