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Dennis M. McGrath


Dennis M. McGrath, upon completion of the merger with Radiancy, reassumed his role of Chief Financial Officer in addition to President and director of PhotoMedex, to which he was appointed in July 2009. Mr. McGrath had previously served as CFO and Vice President, finance and administration from January 2000 through June 2009 and as Chief Executive Officer from July 2009 until the merger date with Radiancy.. He has held several senior-level positions in prior endeavors, including, from February 1999 to January 2000, serving as the COO of Internet Practice, the largest division for AnswerThink Consulting Group, Inc., a company specializing in business consulting and technology integration. Concurrently, from August 1999 until January 2000, Mr. McGrath served as CFO of Think New Ideas, Inc., a company specializing in interactive marketing services and business solutions. In addition to the financial reporting responsibilities, he was responsible for the merger integration of Think New Ideas, Inc. and AnswerThink Consulting Group, Inc. Prior to that, from September 1996 to February 1999, Mr. McGrath was CFO and executive vice-president, operations of TriSpan, Inc., an internet commerce solutions and technology consulting company that was acquired by AnswerThink Consulting Group, Inc. in 1999. Mr. McGrath is currently a director of Noninvasive Medical Technologies, Inc., LabStyle, Inc. and Cagent Vascular, Inc. Mr. McGrath graduated with a B.S. in accounting from LaSalle University in 1979. Mr. McGrath was selected to serve on the Company’s board because of his twenty years’ experience in the development and implementation of innovative business and marketing practices.